Barre at BeZu

Set to uplifting music all our award-winning group classes seek to target different body areas, and Barre is no exception. Barre is a low intensity, low impact workout but will target every muscle group over the one hour class.

 Never the same you can be guaranteed of a great workout and the satisfaction of completing some of the most rewarding physical routines ever designed. Those who seek a hardier training can attend the Barre Cardio class which is definitely aimed to lift your heart rate!

Joining Barre Classes


Discover the benefits that Barre brings into your routine in Sina’s uplifting classes. With years of experience as Barre instructor, Sina guides the class to ensure an all-round workout leaving you feeling strong and motivated.

You can join classes individually as you go, or join the Wellness Membership, which gives you unlimited access to our Wellness Studio classes: Barre, Yoga and Pilates.