Our Custom Built Facilities

Situated in the heart of Esher, our bespoke facility brings together a mix of modern, magical and mesmerising fitness spaces.

We all need to be inspired, be made to feel good and to relax in the space we share. Our studios offer a perfect environment to achieve results, unwind and work together to satisfy your personal health goals.

X-Space Studio

Featuring a custom made bungee rig the inspiring X-Space Studio forms the heart of all of our cardio experiences delivering innovation, excitement and allure in equal measures.

PT Facility

Super tech, high end and up lifting, our personal training facility is the inspiration behind our custom made fitness journeys and a space in which you can work hard and achieve your pre defined fitness goals.

Well-being Studio

Beautifully designed, our Well-being studio is the home of our relaxation and tranquillity classes designed to sooth the senses and channel your inner strength.

Therapy Suite

Luxurious, personal and enjoying 2 stage filtered air purification, our state of the art Therapy suite offers exceptional comfort, peace of mind and tranquility for every appointment and consultation.

Eco friendly and hygiene conscious

Our eco-friendly business prioritizes sustainability while maintaining stringent hygiene practices to provide a clean and environmentally conscious experience.


Take a tour of BeZu

Take a tour of BeZu