BeZu Core

Are you ready to be more in control of your body? From complete beginners to advanced athletes this is the ideal class to regain strength and endurance.

BeZu Core is designed to help you build physical endurance, correct posture and full body alignment through isometric strength training by learning how to stabilise the core muscles in your body. We use a mixture of bodyweight training, bands, medicine balls and kettlebells. If you want be stronger, move better and be able to carry out daily tasks pain free then what are you waiting for?

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This class welcomes both beginners and advanced athletes.

Being able to move well in everyday life is just as important as doing so when training. Yousif’s methods will challenge you and keep you thinking in and out of the gym. Being a functional and technical trainer, his sessions focus on quality and healthy movement through tailored programming that is guaranteed to bring you results with your full dedication.