BeZu Plyo

BeZu Plyo is designed to help you build explosive power, strength and balance and help you gain confidence in jumping and landing mechanics.

Plyometrics training really focuses on efficiency of fast twitch muscles fibers which will help prevent injuries and enhance your athletic performance.

Improving your metabolic conditioning and full body strength is an essential part of training for athletes and anyone else looking to improve their performance and general wellbeing. Getting motivated is not easy but I believe that you create your own motivation by taking small steps daily that will lead to amazing outcomes.  By connecting the power of body and mind, you will achieve more than you ever imagined.

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Being able to move well in everyday life is just as important as doing so when training. the trainer’s methods will challenge you and keep you thinking in and out of the gym. Being a functional and technical trainer, their sessions focus on quality and healthy movement through tailored programming that is guaranteed to bring you results with your full dedication. 

This class is for those who:

  • Those that want to improve power and speed
  • Runners
  • Racket sport players
  • Team sport players who want to improve overall athletic performance
  • Learn a new method of training to Improve knowledge and fitness