Perks of PT Sessions at BeZu

PT Sessions at BeZu Fitness Studios and not elsewhere? Well, read on to find out why!

weight personal training session

1. Private and exclusive use of our PT Studio

Independent hour-long one-to-one training with our highly dedicated and experienced Coaches in our state-of-the-art private studio. This is perfect for you if you find public gyms intimidating and overcrowded, no longer will you have to wait for equipment here at BeZu!

2. Advanced Equipment

Our specialised studio is equipped with all the best equipment, ranging from our @watsongymequipment Dumbbells to our @synergyfitnessequipment Air Assault Bike and everything in-between.

3. Fit3D Body Scanner

An advanced way of tracking your body composition goals like you have never done before! Our @fit3d scanner measure your body fat percentage and also undertakes a postural analysis screening. This gives our coaches the ability to adapt and create your programs not only around your fitness goals but also to help improve your daily life and movement.

personal training session

4. MyZone Technology

@myzonemoves heart rate tracking technology fully integrated into our PT and class studios. Track your own fitness journey as well as connect with other friends and members of BeZu and take part in our upcoming monthly MEP challenges.

5. Dedicated team of highly trained coaches for your PT sessions

Our dedicated Personal Trainers each have their own area of expertise to find the coach for you and work together towards your fitness goals. Whether that be strength increases, body composition improvements and injury rehabilitation/preventFitn